All your research, outlining, notes, and drafts are at your fingertips. Finally, an all-in-one writing workflow.


Organize ideas, resources, and structure.

Great writing starts before the words. Plan your writing on a digital whiteboard. Plan solo or invite others in to help.


Write alternate versions for any block of text.

Explore new ideas for any word or string of words. Allow flexibility to choose the best option for the situation.


Reference notes and resources as you write.

View research, ideas, or any kind of note right alongside your writing. No additional browser tabs or tools needed.


Stash unused text for potential use later.

Secure unused text for future use. Drag back in at the perfect spot. Keep ideas safe from delete-happy editors.

A.I. Assistant

Get research and writing assistance from A.I.

Do research right inside your document with the help of A.I. Avoid breaking focus by going down a Google rabbit hole.

Unlimited Undo

Undo as you go and undo any edit from the past.

Use traditional undo as you go and revert back any specific change in the past. Never lose a word.


Edit freely with automatic and manual snapshots.

Create new drafts knowing you can revert back to a previous version. It’s version control you’ll actually use.


Share your writing, get feedback, cowrite and edit – with complete control. It's collaboration purpose-built for writers.


Collaborate in real-time with peace of mind.

See who is viewing, who is typing, and who edited what. No more anonymous elephants in the room. No more rogue edits.


Share branch drafts for asynchronous editing.

Allow anyone to contribute privately without creating new documents. No more comment overload or rogue drafts.

Merge From Branch

Merge approved branch content to the main draft.

Review branch drafts side-by-side with the main draft. Approve changes and see them reflected in the main draft instantly.


Get (and stay) focused in a writing environment you actually enjoy writing in. Do your best work with fewer distractions.

Command-K Shortcuts

Speed up writing with actions at your fingertips.

Access every ButterDocs command and shortcut through a single shortcut. Write with agility and eliminate clicks.

Distraction-Free Formatting

Focused formatting for focused writing.

Clean up your writing view with a simple formatting bar only visible when you want it. Use Markdown to simplify even more.

Focus Mode

Get into a flow state

Eliminate all distractions and do what you came to do: write. Spark creativity. Write more in less time.


Track and set time alerts

Maximize your productivity with a timed writing sprint. Get more words down before time runs out.


Nag yourself to write

Distractions happen. They don't have to last. Set up alerts to bring you back on task when your focus wanders.

Dark Mode

Take it easy on your eyes

Switch up the interface theme to be easier on the eyes at night. See your writing in a whole new light.

Web, Desktop, Mobile

Write where you are

Work in your desktop or mobile browser or download the ButterDocs desktop application. Online or offline, you are good to go.


Store data on your side 

Need ButterDocs data to live on your servers? No problem. Talk to us and we’ll set you up on premise. 

Artificial Intelligence

Great writing will always be human

We believe AI should help writers, not write for them. ButterDocs AI puts the power of AI in your hands, to help speed up your workflow without any risk to your work – all AI features are 100% opt-in.

Conduct on-the-fly research
Ask for advice and ideas
Speed up proofreading

ButterDocs is for all writers